What is Hawkster Life


Hawkster Life is an independent streetwear brand that brings art to sportswear, and is based in NYC.


Hawkster Life is a lifestyle portrayed by those who possess great personal style and incredible talents that they will rarely ever speak of. What makes these people intriguing is that they fly under the radar and prefer not to draw attention to themselves. And like a hawk, they will notice things faster than the average. The moment their personal style and depth of talent takes flight is the moment of their “kill” (because you never knew it existed, thus awe-inspiring). This is the definition of a Hawkster.


The mission of Hawkster Life is to provide hawksters and fashion enthusiasts alike an original sportswear concept that offers both the clean lines of classic athletic menswear styles married with unsuspecting patchwork designs inspired by art, music, humor and romance. Each piece is thoughtfully made by hand using only the highest quality materials from New York.

Hawkster Life products are not yet available for purchase.